Technology and Dentistry

The role of the dentist in modern society is changing with the development of new technologies designed to create a bright, straight smile for every patient. Getting the perfect smile is a task each patient entrusts to their dental specialist who can now look to less painful ways of straightening and whitening teeth. These options include clear, plastic mouthguards designed to quickly straighten teeth without the pain of traditional braces and UV light used to create a bright white smile.

Updates to teeth whitening

In the 21st-century, white teeth can be obtained through many different technologies without the damage often caused by outdated options. UV light activation is becoming increasingly popular for patients who want fast results without the damage caused by bleaching teeth. UV light technology requires an agent to be placed on the teeth which will be activated when the light is used. A clear plastic mouthguard is often used to protect the gums from damage caused by the whitening agent. This option is being used by the majority of dental professionals as it produces better results at a faster rate when compared to another whitening option.

Straighten teeth faster

There are a number of options being used by a Hoboken dentist to straighten the teeth in a speedy and efficient way. The traditional use of metal or ceramic braces takes between six and 24 months to complete with numerous painful visits to the orthodontist. The use of clear plastic trays designed for each individual has become a popular treatment for both patients and dentists alike for those who do not require the realignment of their bite. Clear plastic trays allow a smile to be straightened in less than one year without the pain and discomfort of metal braces.